Nigeria is a complex Nation with different forms of complexities – Locating sugar mummies in Nigeria is one of these complexities concerned individuals are faced with in Nigeria.

Although, Sugar mummies are fun to be with, but this fun might never live to see the light of the day if care and possible preventive measures aren’t taken, and done properly, one of which is locating these mummies.

This post is aimed at helping you out of the dungeon of confusion you find yourself abandoned in, as regards locating your choice of sugar mummy.

Certainly, it is inarguably true that sugar mummies are more concentrated in states like Lagos, Edo – Benin precisely, Portharcourt, Abeokuta, Abuja, & kano, than any other states in Nigeria. All thanks to the fact that extremely rich women are concentrated in this areas.

Especially Lagos, Abuja & Portharcourt where Sugar mummies specifically loves hanging around for rest and flexing – as it is usually called.

Thus, listed below are top 20 known & renown clubs in Nigeria where you would find the sugar mummies of your choice. Due to this, we took time to research these night clubs, only to also find out that these clubs are also “ashawo” clubs .

Here, you either get paid for picking the woman of your choice, or you pay. However, in either of these cases, you’re guaranteed to get treated exclusively.

However, before this list, I would like to establish, that these clubs aren’t really actually the overall bests which houses sugar mummies across Nigeria. Because, Nigeria is quite large, and these clubs keeps expanding on daily basis. Anyway, above all, this list consists of best clubs housing sugar mummies, that got to our reach.

Likewise, please note; this list is based solely on research & doesn’t involve any forms of promotions or what-a-view.


1) House 45
2) Quilox
3) Club Vegas
3) Escape Nightlife
4) Club080
5) Road Runners
6) The Place
7) Club 57
8) Cubana Lounge
9) Coliseum
10) Club Royal
11) Club Joker
12) Club Terrazo
13) Option 24/7
14) Platinum
15) Angle 90
16) Sky Pavilion
17) Club 52
18) Elegantee Night Club
19) Lebanon
20) Aces Lounge

These errotica packed centers would definitely see you through choosing your choice of sugar mummy. Definitely! Except, you are having a spiritual problem chuckles***

Anyway, perhaps we forgot something, or didn’t mention your choice of clubs where you met your own sugar mummy, let’s commune at the comment section – share your thoughts.



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