Over the years, Instagram has proven to be a social media platform that has come to stay. Instagram, now boasts of about100 million monthly active users, with an average total of 75 million daily users. This to no surprise, has been the ultimate reason behind the dedication of various brands to this social media platform of images – either static or moving.

..and what does that mean to you?…. Nothing?
We’ll, let me explain. This is a clear indicator that; now, is the perfect and precise time to make money on that social media! It is time to take on the advantage of the growing popularity Instagram has… It time to make money on Instagram!

In this post, I would be carefully guiding you through five(5) creative cum brilliant ways to make money on Instagram.



In simple words, Affiliate marketing is the promotion of a product whilst getting paid. This is usually done by bloggers through banners or even extremely to inspired posts for such product.

This method of making money on Instagram, is more popular amidst those in the travel industry, fashion/clothing industry, and also for beauty industries.

If you’re involved in clothing, you can post your “outfit of the day” accompanied with the affiliate link, thus sending your patriotic followers your full outfit details.

Also, perhaps you’re in the travel industry, you can take part I’m reviewing hotels and travel destinations. By this, you can successfully direct a Chunk of your followers to book for spaces via your link.

For beauty accounts, it’s simple! All you’ve got to do I to post attractive images. By doing this, affiliate marketers could highlight their affiliate products hereby driving sales through their personalized affiliate URL.

Affiliate marketing is fun and pretty lucrative, provided one knows and masters its art.


Influencing is yet another creative cum lucrative avenue to earn on Instagram.

As an influencer, parts of your activities are; the promotion of brands in posts, creating original sponsored content for brands, . this can be done by either using an accustomed hastag of such sponsored brand, or by mentions, tagging, or by use of links.

Influencing on instagram can shove couple of thousands down your pocket and forever leave you smiling.

To be an influencer, you don’t necessarily need a formal brand ambassadorship. Howbeit, it’s important that brands or that you promote are similar or an exact resemblance of what your or you want your online personal image to look like.


Yes! Sell! You can turn your instagram account into your store!

You can sell any self-produced product. This form of e-commerce actually requires time & much capital in order to make maximum products available. Don’t also forget the need for warehouse.

Selling your personal products is really fun and a clear avenue to make money on instagram, but although might become a shot on the leg if not handled properly.


Since Instagram is more of an image oriented social media platform, why don’t you make the best out of those images you post there.

Perhaps you’re a professional or passionate photographer, then Instagram is heaven where money wouldn’t be a problem for you. You can sell your shots to different kinds of people. Ranging from individuals to group of individuals. Most especially, you might get hired!

Isn’t that wonderful! Probably you should start dusting up that instagram account of yours now, and make good cool cash from it.


So, you’ve got that account that’s flooded with millions of followers & you’re confused on what to use them for? I tell you to sell the account!

This would make you happy as you’d know your hardwork didn’t actually result into waste.

Get multiple accounts, nurture them until the grow fully well, and sell them off – this might be your only online business that might throw you into your dreamt world of millions.


Instagram is really fun as stated earlier, but can also be your place of work – it all depends in your priority.

However, remember, for every way mentioned above to become feasible, you’ll need few followers to start up. This goes a long way in building an audience for this methods above.

With an instagram account with a maximum audience, then making money would such account wouldn’t be a problem!



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