The world now is interconnected. And one of the beautiful things to happen as regards this complex connection is the world wide web – the internet. Furthermore, one of the wonderful things of the the internet is the ability to make money while enjoying yourself on the media. Making money online doesn’t depend on your location, so far you have the access to an internet connection, then you’re good to go!

Either you are on the look to earn a sustainable income or some fast cash, there are numerous ways provided by the world-wide-web to get it done. However, it is necessary to note that, any method you want to use to make money online, it must be your area of interest and probably passion. This does a lot of work in ensuring your perseverance and focus.

Below are 5 ways of making money online;


This is one of the most trending way of making money online.

By setting up a well planned blog, based on a nice niche, which offers valuable and unique articles consistently, that’s aimed at a target audience, the tendencies of making money even over a long period of time is certain.

However, some folks makes it look like the setting up of a blog is tedious. Buy hell no! It is pretty simple and quite easy to comprehend. All that’s required is a fully concentrated mind, with one which is willing to learn.

Make your blog an home of solution on a specific niche – no matter what’s sought after in that niche, an insight or a full solution would be found on your site. This increases your ranking in goggle, which in turn shoves loads of traffic into your site – which is your main aim. Remember, the higher the traffic, the more your earning.

Also, apart from writing articles, your blog can offer a few services such as selling e-books, trainings, mini-email courses, online store, etc.


This is one of the best source of online money, and I doubt if you haven’t heard about it before now. With just an internet site, blog or a social media profile & email newsletter, you can get kickstarted. Essentially, you can make use of one of these needs mentioned, or a combo of them in order to get a better result.

Firstly you start by choosing an Affiliate Niche Industry. When choosing this industries, it is advisable for you to be on the lookout for industries with multiple customers. Examples of these kind are konga, amazon, jumia, etc

The main aim of affiliate marketing is to help your chosen industry to promote/publicize their goods. In turn, you get percentages over all goods bought or services asked for via your end – your web link.

Most of the times (if not all), you do not have any concern with the delivery of any goods nought via your web link.


One of the best ways to make money online is also running an e-commerce. This could be done perfectly well by controlling third party e-commerce websites. Such as that of eBay, Etsy & Amazon.

This websites are very strong sales system which has over time built a strong customer base. This as in turn driven thousands of persons into this sites to shop in daily basis.

Now the trick is this; conveniently set up your e-shop in places where clients search your goods on offer. There’s no need to create your own personal site for this – this e-commerce websites are there for you, with great and encouraging features and all.

Within a month or two, with a preferentially strong customer base cum reviews, you can maximally start making hundreds of thousand.


Email marketing is as simple and straightforward as it’s name – it is the process of marketing via the electronic mail.

It’s simple to set up! All that’s needed is creating a website, thereafter setting up an email software which in turn develops a sales dinner which is targeted at the right audience – your subscribers.

However, in order to be successful in this area, you must be very skilled in creating quality and value embedded contents which are quite engaging and are published frequently.

Email marketing is a rather tedious way of making money online while starting, but I tell you, the end of the tunnel is always very bright – Email marketing has loads of fortunes for you if handles perfectly well.


Another online money making way is the webinar training. Although, this method is restricted to people who have indepth knowledge of the field they want to venture into. Since webinar training is more like an online tutorial, therefore it is necessary to have a vast knowledge of what you want others to learn about.

Also is the app development. Although it is quite uneasy to make waves in this section due to the unending list of trail blazers in this field, there are still plenty of opportunities for you from certain people. Also, this method is useful solely to app developers

Now dear reader, it’s time to make money online! Dust your dirty ass off, get a good network provider, subscribe to a data plan then start something!… Don’t forget to get a phone as well **chuckles***…..


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