Are you currently suspecting your husband to be cheating on you? But you aren’t really sure cause you haven’t gotten him red-handed. Then I’ll urge you to keep reading this post to the end.

In this post, you’ll discover 5 brilliant ways to know if your husband is cheating on you.

1. If Your Husband doesn’t make plans with you, then there’s a possibility he’s cheating. He’s really usually uninspired to make long term commitments with you, then he might’ve be cheating on you!

In this case, the culprit tends to give flimsy excuses when such cases are raised for discussion. He finds all possible routes to bring such topic to a close. I’m situations like this, he either walks away from the scene or he yells at you. Either of the two that happens, do not give in too quickly. Try to dig more into his mouth – make him say something.

Make him understand the reason why you two have to plan together. But if he remains adamant, thus turning to be aggressive, please drop the topic. But already have it at the back of your mind that a snake is already in your wardrobe.

2. Complains of Tiredness & Gets Too Acquainted With His Phone.

If your husband who doesn’t really get too carried away by his work now complains regularly of tiredness as a result of cumbersome activities at work, then something should start smelling fishy to you.

Or perhaps, he now gets too carried away with his phone, whilst giggling and laughing over the phone, thus neglecting you at home, then this is a clear alarm of trouble!

Such husband tends to stay late at office, and also barely sleeps at night as a result of phone activities.


If your gentle going husband now seems to effortlessly yell & start argument at home, then this should stir up some suspicion in you.

Simple questions now gets him annoyed, and gives back mean answers – unlike him before.

This is usually caused by a feeling of guilt he’s having in his mind, thus making him find a way of breaking off you finally.

Above all, a change in your husband’s personal attitude at home tells a lot about your husband’s recent activities. It really tells a lot.


When your husband suddenly changes his eating habits, and sometimes move extremely of skip your foods, then he must’ve being visiting another remedy for that outside then home.

Neglecting foods are actions that pains women, but are usually employed by men occasionally to shown their displeasure towards their wife. However, when this becomes too frequent, then you should start getting furious to know what’s going wrong – but don’t be surprised to find out that he’s got another woman outside the home!

5. Fantasizing About One Person Frequently.

This is usually subconscious of the husband. He tends to keep repeating the name of the woman he’s cheating with over & over again, especially if they just met.

This, is your husband of recent, has been repeating a woman’s name constantly at home, do not hesitate to know the source of that name, the bearer might just be the woman your husband is cheating with.

However, this might not be the reason in some cases. Especially if your husband just lost a lived one to the cold hands of death. Thus, you should be able to handle this particular method with caution before you get too sure your husband is actually cheating on you.


These are clear examples of what to look out for peradventure you’re suspecting your husband to be cheating on you.

However, being suspicious might land you into problem if not handled carefully and also emotional free. Because, your husband might actually engage in this points listed above, and still not be cheating on you. He might just be going through some hard times. Therefore you can seat him down firstly to speak to him – howbeit you’re his wife.

After talking it out with him, are you still not convinced, then get some evidences to use against him!

I wish you well.


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