When you feel the world is against you and you seem to be at your worst, so worse that all your attempted endeavours fail and your losses are running to the maximum, dear reader, the best option isn’t quitting or relenting, rather you sit and think about what caused your failure during the last trial, then learn from it. Remember dear reader, Learning from past experiences isn’t a bad thing but failing as a result of a past occurrence is the worse thing that can ever happen to an human. So why quit when there is always a way out – never try quitting as an option…

Dear reader, quitting shouldn’t be an option throughout your entire life time. You shouldn’t think about that in any situation you might find yourself in. Remember, you’ve not failed until the day you stop trying. So why quit?. Even if you’ve failed a thousand time, who knows maybe this last trial might lead to success, who knows maybe one more trial would bring excellence to your doorposts. So why quit?.

Until you die, don’t stop trying. Life is like a raffle draw, the more your entries and trials, the more your chances of achieving success. I can see you making it dear reader, I can see your hard work pay this last time. I can see success smiling at you only if you can give it one more trial. I can see you at the climax of greatness if only you can persevere…. Yes I can see you!

If Barrack Obama could do it, why can’t you! If Nelson Mandela could do it, why can’t you! If Ben Carson could make it, then why can’t you!. I see you staring at success dear reader, go ahead and fight for it! Pay the price and gain the prize. Yes You Can!


Yes you can! Only if you do not quit..


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