Have you ever being in a relationship with your partner and suddenly he cheats on you by ditching you for another lady.

The love and rosy relationship which you enjoy today may turn into a relationship filled with hate, lies and dishonesty.

Although, it’s not only the male partner that cheat in relationship; women also cheat as well. Record has it that men cheat on their partners as a lot of married men have extra-marital affairs with other women outside the relationship.

Naturally, women are sensitive and observant and they suffer emotional trauma whenever they feel or see their men cheating on them. In this article, you will get to know the 6 top reasons why men cheat on their partners in relationships.

  1. Sexual addiction:

    Sexual addiction is one of the reasons why men cheat in relationships. A man can love his partner but when such man feels the urge to have sex and his partner or lover isn’t available at that point in time, he can cheat on his partner with any woman who comes across his way.

  2. Unsatisfiable relationship:

    Whenever the man feels that he is not satisfied enough by his partner, such a man will look elsewhere for satisfaction.

    If a man’s needs are not met in a relationship, such a man is likely to go into another relationship which will house his needs. Eventually, hurting the current relationship.
    modern relationships

  3. Emotional immaturity:

    Unlike the females, most males aren’t emotionally prepared and balanced for relationship. When the man is not aware and conscious of his steps in a relationship, that will make him to make costly mistakes such as taking a woman who truly loves him for granted. Which is always a matter of time before things get bad.


  4. Men are adventurous Naturally:

    One reason why men cheat in modern relationships is that they want to taste and have a feel of the type of romance and love which will be offered to them in other relationships.

    The outside world always look to have more to offer than what they have already which is not always so when men leave their relationships.

  5. Selfishness:

    Selfishness men don’t think that their partners deserve equal rights in their relationships. They feel they can cheat and that it should not a problem since they are the men. This has caused a lot of men  to cheat on their partners since they under value their partners.

  6. Boredom can lead to cheat in relationship:

    Lastly, men cheat in relationship when they are bored and tired of being stuck in one relationship. Psychologists have confirmed that majority of men in relationships cheat on their partners when they are bored with the relationship. It is really important that a partners in a relationship try something new ones in a while.

Even though we cannot stop the increasing number of men cheating on their partners, we can at least acknowledge that it’s very wrong.

Men and women in relationships should fight for what they have because it is always hard to find something better elsewhere.


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