6 Reasons why people lie
Some people lie in a relationship for some reasons.

I think people lie in their relationships for some negative and positive reasons, but we should try to upgrade our level of understanding and ways of handling issues, and not over react when the truth has been told.

Even though the truth is hard to tell, there is always a deep relief in the heart of the person telling the truth. They already punished themselves enough by confessing their wrong doings. You don’t know how much strength, thoughts, fears and sleeplessness it took to summon courage.

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We ought to appreciate it when the truth is told, no matter how hurting, painful, bitter, ugly or beautiful the truth seems.

Learn to forgive easily and make your partner understand that his integrity is buying him or her some forgiveness, this should encourage the person to tell the truth whenever without restrictions.

Some people lie in a relationship for some reasons like these.

1. To protect their relationship.  People lie in their relationship in order to avoid conflicts or losing their partner. It does not mean that the person is a bad person, it is that they have been conditioned over time to develop this way of dealing with things to avoid conflict. They don’t mean to lie, they just do not want to fight more.

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2.  Inferiority complex. Some people can’t really express it when they are under pressure or in a state of dilemma, so they see lies as a quick way to save themselves.

3.  Lack of integrity.  Many people grew up not having the courage to own up their deeds and take full responsibility.

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4. Ego. When you are in relationship with someone who isn’t matured enough  in mind and reasoning to handle sensitive issues, you think about the disgrace he or she would give you either in public or a place where u commend some respect, your ego tends to reduce just because you told the truth, so they prefer to tell lies to save themselves that  shame, disrespect or disgrace.

5. To avoid hurting their partners feelings. These are the lies that we tell to spare our partner’s feelings.  This is the most popular form of lies, we are most at times convinced that it does more good than harm, as the truth would hurt his or her feelings, we just don’t want to hurt the person for no reason.

6. Manipulation.  People tell lies to get the other person either do something or to make a decision in his or her favour.  Someone might lie to get something they desire such as money, sex , status, power and love.   The most common manipulated word is I love you, which simply get the other person emotionally active. Lustful people know exactly how to get what they want, even if it means lying to you about how they feel. People get easily manipulated when they hear i love you.


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