Those who lambasted Super Eagles after Croatia; then praised them after Iceland, calling them wonderful names; and then abused them again after Argentina; cannot be trusted to vote non-sentimentally.

Let something small happen, like electric power supply increase from 4 hours per day to 4 hours 1 minute, and they will forget about all the souls that have been perishing

Musa scored 2 goals and suddenly became our Messi. In fact, he became a presidential candidate with e-posters everywhere.

You think it is just a joke.
It is not a joke.
We are funny like that.

Anyone who speaks well, or does something small should be our president

If they start tweeting how they are eating boli with market women and sitting in classrooms with pupils, some will forget all the ills they have perpetrated, and say

“This is the man for the job!”..which job?

That’s how thousands upon thousands are regretting voting in the present administration. The same people who bullied and insulted others for not joining them to vote it in. They made people feel like fools

The thing is, when our president was ousted as head of state by a bloodless coup in 1985, Nigerians rejoiced. There had been much austerity and fear (and it wasn’t because of the extreme disciplinary measures, but more of hunger and human rights violation)

So they didn’t want him again. 30 years later, he became the messiah, the only one that can change Nigeria, provide security and wipe out corruption. The only one?

Now, many of the same people are saying…get your pvc, we must vote him out!

Just as sure as if the former president contests today, with the right packaging; millions will still vote for him. They will bring back a government that proved to be corrupt and inept.

They will tell you things like the unflinching supporters of this government say, like

“Use your common sense. He has ruled before”
“Who else has the experience?”
“Do you have a better person?”
“He is still the best option”

In a nation of tens of millions?
Best option of what?

We call our boys chickens today, eagles tomorrow, and then chickens next tomorrow.

We call our leaders devils today, angels tomorrow, and devils the next day. The same leaders o.

Don’t we know what we want?

Can the people be dependable enough to be the most stable aspect of our nationhood and our democracy, which the government and its various parastatals have no choice but to reckon with and respect?

We must do better! We must!

Source — Facebook User


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