Who’s your own number one fan!

A Facebook user, Imisioluwa Ifedayo, this morning called out to every on who cared to listen.

In his words he said;

“Be your own number one fan!

Every time I meet a person I have never met before, or a person I’m not very farmiliar with, one thing I consciously do is to compliment something about them and mean it

Lots of people, if they’ll confide in you will tell you how they actually ain’t happy about something about themselves. No one is perfect, yes, but when you make other people’s imperfection overshadow their beautiful part, you are directly adding to whatever low their self-confidence will go.

I had a neighbour who’d get laughed at because of how unique her eyes are. She have what we refer to as half past eyes, she was always wearing dark glasses because of that and her sadness was obvious for all to see. But she had a very long hair.
I started complimenting her hair every single time our part crossed and I began to tell her to stop covering it so everyone could see how lovely they are.
Gradually she grew in confidence and when anyone tells her how bad her eyes are, she tells them how good her hair is. Whatever she lacks in the eyes, she made up for it with beautiful hair and nice skin. People started seeing that as true and they left her alone. Her glow returned and we became great friends.

You are your own number one fan.

Nobody on earth can ever make me feel bad about myself! It took me time to build my self esteem and nothing can ever make me lose it again.

There are times I am sad and I feel really bad… I do just two things. Firstly, I’ll stand before a mirror and review some nice things I have done in the past!

I’ll tell myself, “Damn, you’re a fine human and you’re obviously intelligent. You’ll conquer this one too like the last one”. Sincerely, I don’t care if anyone think its pride. I flaunt my finesse and I do it with joy.
I am my own number one fan. You should be too.

If you have issue with your identity, people will quickly see through your low self-esteem too.

So, this post is not about me. There should be something so beautiful about you that you can flaunt and build your esteem upon, find it and flaunt it till everybody accept it as true.

Imisioluwa Ifedayo

This indeed is a a near-perfect way (if not perfect) to kick start the week.

Be your own number one fan. Love yourself. Compliment yourself, even if no one does. This is the rule to living happy.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


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