Lust & Love… Don’t get lost in lust over thoughts of being lost in love, you might just end up being lost in yourself. Do not be confused…

Have you ever been caught up in a web of confusion; either you’re truly in love, or you’re blinded by lust?

Do you know; falling in love is actually a gradually process that proves fertile over time and depends on numerous factors?

This post would successfully guide you on how to decipher which is which between love & lust… Keep following me.


In simple and relatable terms, love is an intense feeling of attraction & affection a person has towards another person. It is usually characterized with various forms of emotional attachment.

Being in love is very tricky and might be confused for lust. However, there are quite a number of signs which serves as pointers and deciphers – either or not you’re in love.

Firstly, you’ll want to spend quality time with the other person. You get so engrossed in conversations with them, that you’ll forget the amount of hours passing. You’ll always long to we such person frequently. Meeting and starting by their side just makes you simply happy.

When in love as well, you tend to have thoughts of such person always in your heart. You keep thinking of him/her every minute – you just can’t stop it.

Also, you’ll always want to be seen around such person. You would want people to be familiar with you both. You’ll want to know & meet her friends & families.

Love is more than just an emotion, it’s also a craving. There is a strong emotional craving, the love drive is even stronger than the sex drive.


Although, lust is the first stage of falling in love, it is a strong desire which is relating to the sexual nature based on physical attractions. It takes ample time before it transforms to love.

Lust is solely driven by desire. Sexual hormones plays an important role in this situation

To be certain that you’re in lust, there are certain signs that serves as pointers to you.

Firstly, you seem to be too focused on the physical appearance of the person than normal.

You also have this strong desire to have sex with such person anytime you’re around such person. You do not flow in conversing at all. The only thing you seem to enjoy from him/her is the sexual pleasure.

You fantasize a lot. But do not discuss deep & real feelings with such person.

You do not flow when conversing with such person. Although you claim to be lovers, but absolutely jot friends.


In every love you can find lust, but love doesn’t exist in lust. Although, quite a number of lust has ended in strong emotional love.

I hope you’ve learned something new. Wouldn’t you rather take a stroll into this page more to learn quite a number of new things as well? Meet you at other pages!



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