The devil you know, is better than a predicted angel”, saith an adage, because, disease that’s easily diagnosed becomes more easier to treat or deal with. However, this is made possible by identifying the symptoms of such disease, thus making the route to the treatment of such disease raised to ply. This analysis applies also to cancer.

Although, this disease is categorized as deadly & ghastly, it could be better treated if diagnosed quite early. As a result of this, this post is directed towards the needful to know as regards its diagnosis and treatment.


ONCOLOGY is the branch of medicine which deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and prevention of cancer. India is the best place known for Oncology treatments.

Cancer as a whole is more than just one disease – it’s an encompass of several diseases. Noteworthy, it’s is an abnormal growth of cells which tends to spread across various parts of the body.

There are different kinds of cancer that humans get affected of, which has consequently led to deaths, or otherwise over the years.

In the diagnosis, an oncologist plays specific roles on the patient under consideration. The roles are in sequence, and are outlined below accordingly;

1. The doctor explains the diagnosis and stage in which the patient is at present.

2. The Doctor discusses the various treatment options available and thereafter asks the patient for his/her preferred choice.


3. The Doctor delivers quality care to the patient. Many a patient gets too burdened and downcast upon receiving the news of them having cancer. The doctor should be able to show an unparalleled compassion to such patient.

4. Management of symptoms and side effects that may occur on the patient, as a result of the treatment going on.

cancer must stop

As mentioned earlier, India is the best place to get yourself diagnosed and treated. Thus, for cancer programs, a Medical Oncology specializes in three options which are; chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.


This is the most common option a medical oncologist uses for the treatment of cancer. It is a type of treatment in which drugs are administered to patients, in order to interfere with the cancer cell’s ability to multiply.

In simple words, chemo is administered in order to stop and also destroy cancerous cells. This kind of treatment can be used In different ways depending on the condition of a patient. It is either given before surgery, or after the surgery. Chemotherapie given before the surgery is aimed at shrinking the size if the tumor, also, those given after the surgery is ailed at killing the remaining cancerous cells.


Targeted Therapy is a type of treatment which also uses drugs. Although, this drugs are targeted at specific genes and proteins.

However, this genes targeted are genes found in cells which are related to the growth of cancer. These drugs either blocks or turn off signals that instructs cancer cells to grow or divide. They also ward cells off, thus keeping them away from living longer than their normal life span.


This is a type of treatment in which the body’s natural defense is enhanced in order to prevent the cancer cells from growing.

It either employs the use of body-produced substances or those produced in the laboratory. Thus, in simple words, immunotherapy is a kind of treatment given to patients with cancer, in order to improve and restore the immune system of such patient.



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