Marriage is such an amazing commitment that couples make to one another. However, no marriage is so perfect and problem free, it’s never a bed full of roses.

It takes a lot of hard work, endurance, dedication, patience, understanding and focus to make things work.Though, marriage doesn’t have to be hard, couples must work as a team and understand each others needs.

Here are some of the most difficult things we face in marriage.
Spiritual Relationship

This has to do with couple committing their marriage to God through prayers. Many married couples scarcely have time to seek spiritual growth in their marriage, and this has resulted to total discord between them, we can not over rule that fact that the powers of darkness intend for all marriages to be destroyed. Therefore, couples are encouraged to find time to pray and commit their marriage to God.

Being Best Friends

According to worldweb-dictionary , the word BEST FRIEND means the one friend who is closest to you. Knowing your partner very well is a major thing in being best friend with him or her. You share every thing, do every thing together and you understand each better than anyone. A lot of couple see no reason in building and nurturing friendship in their marriage. But remember, a weakened friendship can make one of the couple to seek affection somewhere else.



This is one of the most important things in marriage. It is becoming almost impossible to find trust in many marriages today, due to increased rate of infidelity. Couples now lock their phones , keep secrets, lie, break promises and lack integrity. However, if you are in this situation, there is need for you to consistently rebuilt trust and communicate more openly to your spouse.


This means to cease to feel angry or bitter towards a person or about an offence. According to Indira Gandhi “ forgiveness is a virtue of the brave” . Couple should be brave enough to forgive each other . Domeniek L. Harris said “ when we let go of wrongs, we loosen Satan’s grasp on our relationships. Even Satan knows that forgiveness redeems and restores a relationship.

Combining Finances

Money is a big issue among couples. Combining finances have been a difficult thing in the beginning of some marriages. Some of the common financial problem newly married couples face are building up debts, over spending and epileptic income. Accordingly to my research, women tend to spend more money on clothing, shoes, bags,while men spend more on cars and electronics. Combining account can actually force both couple to communicate more without hiding secrets. Try to discuss your financial status monthly.

Time Management

Some couple spend more time in their business, rather than spending time in upgrading their marital life. Some don’t have time to talk with their children or spouse, and this has resulted to lack of intimacy . You are advised to create time for each other. Try to fix a dinner night at least once a month.

Lack of Appreciation

According to philosopher William James “ The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. When you are not telling your spouse you appreciate her or point out things you admire about him or her, it could cause gradual distance between both of you.


Many couples find it difficult to continually express their feelings after wedding. Love is a decision, its more than just an emotion. It is an action that must be demonstrated always, no matter how we feel any given time or day. If your love is founded on only feelings, then your marriage will fail, you must choose to dedicate yourself and energies to making your loved one happy. Also, your behavior towards your partner should communicate how much he or she means to you.


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