Fans and lovers of Distant Relationships please get down here!

A distant relationship is a type of intimate relationship in which partners are geographically separated from one another. In this kind of relationship, these partners are deprived of a face to face contact, although they connect through other means – most especially through the social media.( Signs your long-distance relationship won’t last  )

Reports and researches has it that most of individuals engaged in this kind of relationship are college students or young adults. This kind of relationship is characterized with a few number of features. This includes; High expectations from both partners when they finally get to meet face to face; partners usually long to explore on occasions they meet; individuals engaged in this kind of relationship also rend to fantasize a lot; relatively high financial burdens which is used to maintain the relationship; poor judgement and trust from both partners as regards the state of a relationship from a distance.

Now, having gotten a little insight about distant relationships is all about, I would quickly run you through a few number of side effects a distant relationship poses or subjects to its engagers.


Are you planning to get into a distant relationship, I’m sincerely telling you to be prepared for the worst. The funny thing is, these relationship always starts up as fun and really enjoyable, but time unfortunately tells and it usually turn out to be the worst experience you’ve had ever.

However, below are 5 side effects of distant relationships you can’t miss out from.


We all know trust is very important in all our dealings in life, which we also know that it isn’t really easy to access. However, distant relationships requires loads of trust.

A little disrupt in your conversation can stir up a lot of problem, arguments, and probably lead to you both breaking up. Trusting in a distant relationship is really hard to do, and this doesn’t in anyway help both partners.

Take this as an example; imagine you call her/him repeatedly & he/she doesn’t pick up, I tell you, it is very easy for you to draw a conclusion that he/she is cheating on you already, or perhaps is tired of the relationship. Whereas such Person could either be at a distant from where his/her Phone is, or better still sleeping.


A Distant Relationship can finally make you get hypertensive if proper care is not taken. In simple terms, a distant relationship makes you really anxious. Very very.

You’re confused about what will make you anxious right? Calm down and read on…

In a distant relationship you usually have zero idea about your partner is doing as and that period of time. You get really disturbed and curious to know, which in turn leads to stress and anxiety.

You’ll always want to know where he/she is at present, how he/she spent his day, what he/she ate at night, etc. It’s maddening!


Agree or not, distant relationship destroys and massacres your sex life! Especially if you’re the type that loves sex… Oh Goodness!

In a distant relationship there’s little or absolutely no sex life. And the most saddening aspect is that those who engage this kind of relationship tends to get this thing outside the relationship. The finally tend to make someone have sex with them out of frustration.

I know you’ll unarguably agree with me that sex chatting or Skype sex isn’t sex – it isn’t the real thing

So, what’s the use of keeping a relations whose partner wouldn’t be able to satisfy your sexual desire. Maybe due to reasons best known to you tho.


I’ve gotten a lot of folks who complains a lot about how they hate traveling long distances to meet their lovers – why then must you still keep that kind of relationship when it doesn’t soothes your spirit.

The money, the time and all expended, it’s sickening. Only to just go see someone you love.

Fine, I do understand that seeing your honey might justify your schlep, but it’s quite predictable that you’ll eventually get tired of it. Especially if it’s amounting to years already.


Imagine telephones & internet connections get cut off from the world. What would finally become of your relationship?

Communication gets restrained, unassured and improper. You mistake things easily especially while chatting. A message intended to be humorous might end up look insulting to your end reader. Which is actually unintentional.

And we all know, that good Communication is key to a successful relationship.


I’m sure you’re quite acquainted with the side effects of distant relationships, all thanks the few mentioned above.

But, are you still keen on getting into a relationship with that guy/lady whose words currently tingles your heart? No problem about that, but do not say later on that I didn’t foretell you of its dangers.


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