The craziest thing to do on earth is not realizing your purpose of living. What you are known for. Why you exist. The mystery that lies behind your existence. Why you were born.

I’ve spoken to quite a number of people lately, and it’s really saddening how they respond to questions like; “what are your plans”, “when you see money what will you do”, “what business are you planning to venture into”, etc.

An higher percentage of people have spoken to are teenagers. Within the age range of 15-20 years. But the way they seem to respond makes me think I’m speaking to persons within the age range of 90-95 years.

Why are you living? What is your purpose?…

These are questions we should ask ourselves frequently. Before embarking on any job, ask yourself; “does it relate to my essence in life?”… On your quest for money & fame, do not get miraged by things that would lay you off track. There are things you shouldn’t do. Not that they aren’t good, but because they do not align with your purpose – do not be a fruit salad that’s comprised of so many fruits at a time. Find yourself!

Have you discovered yourself, but still finding it hard to maintain your lane? Maybe due to your quest to the crest – & your own lane seems to tedious to climb. This post is for you. persevere & be consistent. Make people know you for something.

Sometimes truly, a Jack of all trade is a master of none… And only end up wasting time in accumulating those knowledge.

Know why you exist, live towards the goal, it might take time & be energy sapping, but it’s actually worth it on the long run. Remember, until you find yourself, the world can’t find you.

Until you define yourself, the world knows who you’re not. Until you discover your purpose, the world would need you not.

I thus charge you today; find yourself! Discover your purpose!



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