Getting married is a very good step. But anywhere you are, no matter the state or the country there are many things to consider before going into marriage. First, you need to ensure that you are committed in playing your role either as a husband or as a wife.

Second, you need to consider your financial capability. Since marriage is starting your own family, you need to be ready for the expenses that will be incurred by yourself, your partner and your kids, Yes your kids even though you have not given birth but the main reason for getting married is bearing children. Third, you should be prepared with all the responsibilities in taking care of a family. You will be playing the role of either a mother or a father. Therefore, you should be prepared for all this obligations.
There are also some major things to know before getting married, which is not limited to the fact that:

1. Marrying couples should be of legal age. Both parties should be 18 years and above. However, if both parties are still on their teens, they need to have parental consent. They should also not be directly related, though in EU countries, canada and mexico marriage between first cousins are not prohibited .

2. You should apply for marriage license in any marriage registry office.

3. You should have a marriage ceremony; either traditional or white wedding, if it is white weding a priest or someone who is authorize by law should bless the union in the presence of family and friends while if it is traditional, every items required by the custom and tradition of the brides family, country or clan must be presented and some immediate family and some friends must be there.

4. In the case of Court marriages, you need to have at least two witnesses, the solemnizing person and the signatures of both parties to reflect on the marriage license before recorded by the clerk of the court.

5. For marriage registrations, you need to pay up the fees stipulated by your countries customary law. Another thing, do not forget to bring valid identification cards or your birth certificate. If you are a divorcee, just make sure you apply for marriage license 61 days after your final decree to make it valid.
After complying with all of these requirements, you can start thinking about your marriage celebrations and make sure photography, bridal gowns and suits, reception, honeymoon and all other things related to getting married are in place. The process is such an easy thing to do but it takes a lot of commitment and both parties should be up to the task.


Getting married entails many things. You should be able to meet the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual aspects of it. However, in terms of legality, you should know how to obtain a marriage license to be officially married.


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