Five possible reasons why do I feel like throwing up


Have you ever thought that why your stomach does feels so weird and it looks not very pleasant? Surely your stomach wants to tell you something that there isn’t anything right. Some so many people usually feel the same way and keep asking why I feel like throwing up; it almost seems that tons of bricks are hitting you from inside. Well, you won’t need to worry about because the feeling in this way is pretty standard and some people still don’t get it the causes of it. As many of you who clearly don’t have any clue is that when you feel like vomiting, it only occurs when you exposed to some annoying things.

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There are many reasons why we feel vomiting and nausea they can be for a short time or for a longer time. If there is nothing wrong with your body’s structure and still occur time after time, then you are in serious trouble, and you got to figure it out as soon as possible.

Having said that below, we have listed some real facts about five possible reasons why do I feel like throwing up to help you understand what the common causes of it are, and what you can do to stop throwing up immediately.

  • What are the common causes of it?

Whenever we feel throwing up two things are concerned about one is nausea and second is vomiting probably many thank for having motion sickness, acidity, or some infections. But this isn’t true there are some common causes of it like,

1) Overeating:

Overeating can indeed cause nausea, and it affects the normal function of the digestive system due to overload people with weak digestive, or immune system gets affected very often.

2) Allergy from the foods:

There is always a time come when it ‘’feels like vomiting, but nothing comes out’’ simply because some people have an allergy to a particular food that does not suit their metabolic system.

3) Anxiety and stress:

As many of you who don’t know anxiety and stress can sometimes trigger the stomach’s gastrointestinal system and where problems occur including diarrhea and severe stress leads to hormonal function collapse.


4) Stomach Flu:

Stomach Flu is also known to cause a very serious issue it involves, abdominal cramps, fever, vomiting and much more. Some people having weak immune system gets infect to it very quickly.

5) Alcohol hangover:

Hangover only happens when you take too much alcohol that causes a headache and you experience why I feel like throwing up all time at late night parties because it has toxin which is very dangerous for your health.

  • What can you do to stop throwing up immediately?

It is very necessary to find the reason of why do you feel like having nausea or vomiting conditions and stop it. You have to take liquids and juices having ginger mixed inside them to get instant relief. Visit this website and know more about how to get rid of throwing up instantly.


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