To so many people, being with the person they loved is the best thing that has ever happened to them. So many people don’t really know what true love actually feels like since they have never been truly loved at least so they think.

We should be clear on this; WHAT IS LOVE TRUE and HOW TO FIND TRUE LOVE? True love depends on
nothing, it has no doubts in it and it makes one feel secure.

Things are not necessarily perfect but they always have a way of going on. It is not necessarily the one you spend your entire life with even though you would love to.

Your friends should be compatible with you. 

For those that have never found this kind of love, most of them would stop at nothing to find one. But then, there are some things that one has to put in place to widen the chances of him/her finding true love.

Let’s see some of them:

1) BE ATTRACTIVE: Physical appearance does more work than words at least for the first time you are meeting a person. The first thing a person sees is your appearance, that will determine if he/she considers you worthy to have a conversation.

Nobody knows that he/she has found true love just by meeting a person,  it starts from attraction then conversations then feelings follow. So your haircut, how you dress even your complexion can come into play.

2) CHOOSE A COMPATIBLE PERSON: We are all different in nature and that is how it should be – there is no point trying to change the basic character of a person to what you like.

Take it from me, this can take a life time and you do not want to waste all that time. Pick a person that has the same interest or life style and not too contrasting. Two compatible persons take little time to connect as they have so many things in common.

3) DEFINE WHAT YOU WANT FROM A PARTNER: Making clear what is acceptable to you and what is not is one of the easiest way to find that person in which you want to share your life with.

It takes away uncertainty allowing the other partner to be clear with the kind of person he/she is with. But do not make your standards too high if you do not want to spend a life time without finding love, no two persons are totally alike there will always be some discrepancies.


4) ENLARGE YOU CIRCLES OF FRIENDS: The more people you get to meet the greater your chances of finding who you truly love and who truly loves you. So try to have more people around, make friends but be selective. 

Your friends should be compatible with you. Choose to hang out with people you possibly will accept to take the relationship to a new level.

5) BE REAL: Some of those love stories we see in movies and read in novels are simply unrealistic. You see very often in movies how people of different classes fall in love – the very rich and the very poor fall in love but in reality that hardly happens because people of wide class difference hardly meet in such a way and if you do not meet somebody you cannot develop feelings.

Try staying around your class and make the best out of it – it is not about riches or beauty but about staying with someone of which you mean everything to him/her.

After all is done you may still not find the special one. At this point you have to look inward to see if you have actually been honest with yourself. 

If you are ready to give the same amount of love which you desire from others. Even when hurt, be honest because there is no shame in admitting love. Be yourself at all times and be considerate of others when dealing with them.



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