You have been a friend to this person for sometime now, and you don’t know whether to move to the next stage or not, you are absolutely not sure what you feel. Sometimes it’s easy to know, sometimes it’s not.

So, you are asking yourself, when do I know that this person is actually more meaningful to me? When do I know that am falling for him/her?

There are actually no exact feelings that you will have that mean you are in love. Love is different for everyone, only you knows what and how you feel. Having said that, people do get very similar feelings when they start to fall for someone.

If you are wondering whether you are actually in love with someone.  You should be able to know if its true love and a crush or infatuation.

  1. when his/her happiness is your priority.

    What’s more than you knowing just what to do or say that will bring a smile to someone’s face, and you don’t hesitate to do it as often as possible. Being in love makes you feel very selfless. It makes you feel like you could burst with happiness. So when you feel you can do anything to make the other person happy, then it probably means you are in love.

  2. You daydream about him/her.

    This could be fantasizing about the future, how things would be for both of u living together or you are thinking about all the kisses, romance and hot sex you are going to have later, it shows that you are thinking about them all the time. Having daydreams shows how strong your feelings are for that person.

  3. You see him/her as your best friend and your lover.

    Good friendship is paramount when it comes to being in love. It’s not just about the physical attraction and the flirting. Good friends depend on one another and support each other to grow. You can’t imagine life without him/her, and know that you will always be each other’s side.Swans falling in love


  4. When he/she is your first and last thought.

    As soon as you wake up in the morning, the person is the first thing that come to your mind and last thing at night too, this is a strong indication that you might be falling in love. Someone being always on your mind is a sign that you are in love especially if your thoughts are good.

  5. You have total trust for the person.

    You can’t be in love if you completely trust that other person. Yes! I know it’s almost impossible to trust anyone in recent time, love means you are able to put all your faith in the person. You are fully aware that when things get tough, he/she will be there for you. You feel calm and safe even when things aren’t working well the way they ought to be.

  6. You want to know the person’s dreams.

    When you want to be his/her biggest supporter and believe completely in the person. You want to know everything about him/her. You know what the person’s aspirations and fantasies are. You always push and try to help the person achieve his/her dreams and goals. Then you know you are falling in love.

  7. It feels terrible when you think of losing him/her

    Does your skip when you think of losing him/her? even though it is not going  to happen? When you think about breaking up and it’s devastating, then it’s a clear indication you are deeply in love with that person.

  8. You become very emotional.

    In order to truly fall in love, you have to give yourself to that other person completely, you become more vulnerable, and you now are way more sensitive to your own feelings and theirs too. The person makes you cry with joy and sometimes sadness, much easily than anyone else.

  9. You don’t care about each others mistake.

    Being in love is about totally understanding and knowing the other person. Some people tend to hide some of their bad sides when they first start out in a relationship, you can only truly love someone, and be loved, when you have shown him/her all of your sides whether good or bad. Once you have accepted each other for who you truly are, then you can call it love.

  10. You get excited about seeing them.

    You can’t explain how you feel, but you just feel so happy and excited to be around him/her, even if you are doing nothing at all. You always want to see the person every day. Its mind blowing whenever you are waiting for the next visit or homecoming.


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