Lack of sleep with baby

We all know her. These nights when you think, Heavens, what is going on? Why does not the baby sleep why does it want to hit the chest or the arm every hour or every half hour?

Our babies sometimes need us a lot more than we might like. And when it becomes chronic at night and sleep deprivation becomes chronic, the days are the purest nightmare. After such nights, in the morning I long to be able to crawl into my bed in the evening. Directly at 20 o’clock the best. To finally get some sleep.

Nevertheless, the day has to be mastered somehow. Your baby needs to be taken care of, the household thrown out and perhaps even the purchase done. I have already described how you can make your life easier with baby. And then maybe you want to have a quick shower too, in order not to push the pram like the last person in front of you. You may also want to use the evening hours to promote your own business as a Mompreneur. During parental leave, I used every spare minute to train myself or to run Aquise for the time after parental leave.

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In order to be able to work through your to-do list despite short nights, I have given you six tips on how to gather enough energy for it.


Your baby is doing his morning, afternoon or afternoon sleep? If you need sleep urgently, leave the laundry mountains or the full dishwasher on the left and lie down. Half an hour Power-Nap can recharge your batteries. I went to bed with baby at least once a day to have enough strength throughout the day and evening. Aside from the rest you get, it’s unbelievably comfortable to sleep next to your baby.


Yes, coffee awakes, coffee tastes and just after a night that wanted to make your baby back to the day, you’re probably craving for a big, steaming coffee. But coffee will only help you over your tiredness for a very short time. Do you know that when you are tired half an hour after the first coffee than before? Coffee is very fast and intense, but unfortunately not very long-lasting. And after the first caffeine break, it can even make you more tired than if you had not drunk any. If your circulation does not start in the morning without caffeine, try switching to green tea. This does not seem so fast and intense, but makes you fit for a long time. However, as a nursing mother you should always remember that your baby always drinks a little of your coffee or tea, if you stop it. There are very different opinions about whether caffeine harms babies. However, it is likely that your baby will be awake longer or more often if you drink coffee or tea all day long.

But what will remain then? There are a few Natural Stimulants that will make you fit without straining your body or your baby:

Sleep – Penocrat
  • Fresh pressed orange juice

The high Vitamin C content is a real energy booster, which also tastes great. Some babies react with soreness to the orange juice of the mother. Try it, Klein R. never had any problems with it. And when she was old enough, there was nothing better for her than to taste Mama’s orange juice. If you do not want to be in the kitchen in the morning and want to squeeze some orange, look at your morning round for cafes or supermarkets with freshly squeezed orange juice.

  • Hot lemon

A cold drink? Yes and no. Like the orange, the lemon provides you with proper vitamin C and the warm water boosts your metabolism. While coffee acidifies the body in the morning, lemon water is alkaline – even if the lemon itself is sour. So you create a basic milieu in your body in the morning and you are so fitter and more alert.


When Dad comes home, he is certainly tired from work. But honestly, I find it much more relaxed in the office or home office than when I have to look after the baby all day alone! Therefore, it is important to have an early warning that the daddy will take the baby in the evening until it is bedtime . Use the time to rest. If possible, you should eat more simple things in the evening, such as a classic dinner or a quick salad, so you do not waste valuable leisure time behind the stove. Unless you’re feeling relaxed cooking, it’s perfect for you to unwind!

Furthermore you should at an early age grannies, aunts, siblings and friends to take care of your baby. Even if a friend just walks around the block with your baby for a few laps, you can catch some sleep and recharge your batteries during this time. And if you get your baby used to getting help early on, it will have less problems with day care or day care in the long term .


I know you want the short amount of time between having your baby inseminate and your own bedtime. I was also so that I stayed awake as long as possible, in the evenings to do a few things or even together with the dad to see a good movie. However, there was little time left to sleep. Sometimes I did not go to bed until midnight, and Little R. woke me up every hour from that hour on, or had a good time at 5 in the morning. The fact that the day cannot go well, I noticed pretty quickly. Roughly expect at least six or seven hours of sleep, which you need to be reasonably fit the next day, of course, taking into account your baby’s waking hours.



Little R. slept in my bed right from the start. This had the great advantage that I just had to pull them to breastfeed to me and we both fell asleep while breastfeeding. If I imagine I had to get up every time to go to her crib, lift her out, put her on, and eventually put her back down carefully – I would definitely have been much more tired the next day! Sometimes she just wants to cuddle up at night and as soon as I put my arm around her or stroke her head, she usually falls asleep again. So that our baby could not fall out, we put her cot right next to my bed. But there are also practical extensions such as a side bed * or a Defeat protection * so your baby can sleep safely next to you.

However, after some time we had to change the family bed a bit: Ben now sleeps in the next room in his own bed and me with Little R. in my. Because at the time of the cold both dad and baby were snoring and I did not get any sleep anymore. By the way, a measure that I can recommend for more sleep!


Yes, that says so easily, but I promise you: At some point you will get more sleep again. You’ll probably get less sleep in the next few years than when your baby was there. But most babies do not want to hit the chest or the bottle as often at night. Little R. unfortunately belongs to the kind of children, who are still awake at least twice a night with over one year. But often they plague teeth , the umpteenth runny nose that she has brought from the daycare or she just wants to be close. And as long as that is the case, she sleeps in bed with me, so that we both get more sleep.


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