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We all know that maintaining a relationship takes hard work, dedication, and commitment from both parties.

But, when you and your partner lives thousands of miles apart, it becomes really difficult in maintaining the romance in the relationship.

If given a choice to choose, am sure no one dares to pick to be in a long distance relationship. Some people say absence makes the heart grow fonder, while some disagree to that because being apart from the one you love is hard.

The good thing here is you are not alone. There are more than 10 million married or single people in the world who find themselves as being in long-distance relationships.

But another good thing is some experts discovered that long-distance partners have more feelings of love for each other than those that are closer.

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Here are some tips I thought would help in cementing your love, while you are miles apart.


We cannot overrule the existence of metaphysical powers and rulers of darkness. So you and your partner are advised to pray for one another, because it is by the grace of God that we overcome the battles of this world, ever wondered why some relationships of many years of romance, tolerance, sacrifices and commitments just break without repair? There are cases of people (Killers of joy) confessing being responsible for destroying people’s marriages and relationships just because they are not happy with the way relationship is moving forward. It is often said that the family that prayed together stays together.


Daily communication is imperative. You must both come to terms on the medium of communication you prefer, whether text messages, text chatting, voice chatting, telephone calls, or video chatting, If you don’t like chatting and your partner prefers to chat there might be slight disagreements, so both of you have to agree ahead of time, on the medium of communication.

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The most important thing you can do in a long-distance relationship is to keep in touch. And don’t forget an edited photo of your partner with romantic text on it will go a long way to making him/her feel appreciated and loved. Nowadays almost all smartphones have apps that allow you and your partner share videos, photos and send voice messages. Always discuss issues, whether big or small, it is better to discuss a small problems now than to allow it turn to bigger one later


Building trust is one of the most effective way to be happy when you are in a long distance relationship. You both should rely on each other, and be confident even from a distance. Endeavor to share secrets, because secrets kill relationships even close partners. Don’t give your partner reasons to doubt your loyalty. Since you are not constantly around each other, the mind might sometimes develop fear of unknown, so both of you should always assure each of your loyalty and faithfulness.


Keep learning about yourselves, you can’t possibly learn everything about your partner, because you are miles apart, there will be a lot of thing you are not aware of, so you must be asking how your partner feels, his/her plans for the day, learn how your partner react to anger, and how you both resolve your conflicts. Keep learning different ways to make each other happy, learn to be best of friends.


Remember the distance is not permanent, it may be of school , work or other factors that you find yourselves being apart, but note that patience is key, as you both finish what you need to be done, even if it’s out of reach , endeavor to keep your end goal within range. Discuss where you both hope to be in future.


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