7 Reasons single ladies date married men

There are so many people who frown at the idea of ladies dating married men, sometimes men who are way older than them.

Meanwhile, there are some people who derive total pleasure in it. Many ladies would prefer to date married men than a bachelor for various reasons.

Here are the 7 reasons why ladies prefer to date married women:

  1. Reputation: For some reason, ladies think dating older men give them a higher reputation. There are many of them who derive maximum pleasure in dating “sugar daddies”. In some societies, the ‘big girls’ are the ones dating older men.

  2. Excitement: Some women are so extreme that they love sleeping with other women’s husbands. The fear of getting caught can be so exciting to them and they love the danger in it. They do it just for the love of playing the game.
    married men
  3. Better sexual experience: Some ladies think that older men give them better sexual experience compared to young men. Due to the experience they have had with young girls in the past, the ladies believe that older men are more skillful and experienced. It might sometimes be true but not enough reason to lay with another woman’s husband.


  4. Less expectations: Dating older men means having lesser expectations and little commitment. There is no need for worries when they are with older men.

  5. Financial settlement. Most married men are already established men and are financially stable so they offer more. Ladies who have their eyes fixed on material things will prefer such men to young men who are just starting out.

  6. Competition: Believe it or not, women love a little competition. That’s why being with another woman’s husband can make them feel really good about themselves. It sometimes make them feel better than the other woman

  7. Risk:  As silly as it is, the risk of getting caught by a man’s wife is actually a mystery many young ladies love to explore no matter how dangerous it may seem. Some take pride for taking another woman’s husband.


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