With the current trends and the introduction of technology, the way people choose relationships and their partner will not be the same the way our parents did it.

It’s no surprise that the rules of dating and relationships have changed. you will hear parents complaint that in their time things like this didn’t happen, and the children will be like, eh! That was then, things have changed now, its civilization.

Here are the things you observe about modern relationships.

1  The Definition of a Relationship has become inexplicable or should I say it has no definition? Unlike those days it’s either were dating or single. Nowadays it is normal to see young people in different kind or undefined relationship, and this has led to rampant heart breaks. Many have lost their lives because of this. Relationship is more complicated today because many young couple pay no attention to rules that governed romantic relationships.

2  Potential young men and women are turning to online dating in search of a partner. In this day where social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, or whatsapp are trending, people are now comfortable with patronizing online dating, compare that to the time when people met their life partners in the form of a childhood friend or school mate and online dating was believed to be reserved for people with low esteem or poor background. It has become very simple now because virtually everyone owns a smart phone, and most of us spend a lot of time in the digital world. Nowadays, online dating is seen as normal way of socializing, we are happy for its convenience. Read also : 10 Texts Parents Can Send Kids To Let Them Know You Have Their Back

3   It has become a taboo to date just one partner in a life time. People no longer date for love or for future purpose. Technology and civilization have made it easier to find a new partner and move on to the next. Modern relationships have become like buying a cloth that needs to be tested for fits before you buy. This has caused modern marriages to lack content due to so much comparison and expectations.

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4  To be single is cool. In modern relationships, being single is personal choice, no one forces you to get married. Back in the days your parents would keep reminding you that age is not by your side any more. Well, I guess it’s because women now focus more on their career, so they are not in a hurry to get married. Like some will proudly say “Am not ready yet, I have my career to build”.

5   People still meet their future partners through friends. Apart from social media is taking over the dating scene, nothing is more reliability and the romantic as meeting someone through a friend or friend of friends. This setup is very effective and has more assurance, because it creates room to keep hanging out and get to know each other, till you are both fond of each other.


6  Courtship seems to have phased out. Courtship is near to nonexistence depending on your cultural and social belief. Some consider courtship as that moment when you move in together without even formal introduction to both parents. Nowadays, you start as friends, you date, and you become a couple. No more formal dinner outing or going out on a date, to enable you get to know each other better .

7    Marriage is now a choice. Most young people tend to move the marriage plan to later days of their life, because they believe marriage is not compulsory and can wait. According to a student single mother I interviewed, why get married so soon when you can just move in with your partner and start having kids ?  Nowadays, it is normal to see unmarried partners living together as boyfriend and girlfriend, even having kids before deciding to get married. Unlike the older generations that tend to get married first before moving further with other activities of life.

8   Sex is for fun. People tend have sex early in the relationship, most people see sex as hobby, sex is free, it is mainly used as a profitable merchandise. Sex is being marketed all over the media and this has made people to become more experimental. Also, the primarily reason for this, is Change in social attitudes towards sex. Most women see sex as only asset they have to offer in order to achieve their aims, while most men demand sex for payment of favor rendered.

9   No money no love. While some believe that money isn’t everything, modern-day relationships still place an importance in financial security as a yard stick when choosing a life partner. After all, there is bill to be paid. Some say love doesn’t put food on table. Even if you can still date a struggling business man with all his business skills and hard work, you will not date him for long if he still struggle after some time, because you think your future is not secure financially.

10  Same-sex marriages or dating. In modern relationships, same-sex couples are now finding the courage to be open and make their relationship public. In some countries, it is common to see two males or two females holding hands and showing their affection in public. This could happen years back in small numbers and in utmost secrecy .

11   Breaking up has become easier. Even as this is absolutely not a good news, it is one of the implications of easily switching partners or finding one on social media. Years back, you discuss break up face to face in restaurants or in the privacy of your home. Now you easily break up with someone over text or phone call, possibly by just avoiding him or her and that’s just the end. And you move on to a new one.


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