Menance Of Spirituality In Africa

Religion – Spirituality…

Today like other days, I got wounded in my soul again. I really still can’t come off the shock, but I tell you it’s really disheartening and painful.

The rate at which religion is eating deep into our society is really appalling and sincerely requires urgent attention.

Our people are getting too brainwashed! Everything isn’t spiritual. Your leave home with a partially fair tyre, it spoilt on your way to that important meeting, you thus tagged it a spiritual attack, why. Biko why na…

You’re failing woefully in school despite how hard you study, then you concluded you’re being “followed” spiritually. Why? Why can’t you just sit to think about the way you read. Maybe it isn’t the kind of reading your brain is structured into. Maybe.

Your wife divorced you due to your attitude, now you’re claiming it’s a spiritual attack from family members who do not want the success of that marriage. How on earth do you think like this?

These things are really burdening me. We need to wake up to things. I’m not disputing the fact that things of the spiritual exists, but we equally need to know that some happenings needs just natural amendments. Natural & physical corrections. Not praying till you lose your voice!

Now the height of it all; a fool just told me Nigeria is going through these trying times all because God is angry at us. Please who do us this kain thing sef!



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