Health Risk Associated with Overweight.

The terms “overweight” or “obesity” are often used interchangeably but they mean fairly the same thing.Today, we are concerned with overweight and health risk associated with it.

Overweight is the state where the body has accumulated more fat than normal and can affect the body’s health adversely.

There are so many health conditions associated with Overweight which makes it a serious issue for those that are overweight.


The BMI (Body Mass Index) is used as a measure to determine if one’s weight falls within the accepted range. It measures the body’s weight taking the height into consideration.

Let’s see the ranges:

  • BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is for normal weight.
  • BMI of 25 to 29.9 is for overweight.

Now, let’s see different health conditions associated with being overweight.


    Being overweight equals increasing in body size. For your heart to be able to pump blood to reach all of your cells the blood pressure must be increased and this leads to high blood pressure.

  2. STROKE:

    Most stroke cases are caused by high blood pressure and being overweight can cause high blood pressure.

    Blood flowing to the brain with high pressure can cause blood clots which can block an artery causing some brain cells to be starved of blood and eventually they die.
    This condition is responsible for causing stroke.


    About 87% of diabetic patient are overweight. Which is clear that this condition have a direct link with being overweight.

    A possible cause of this is that, overweight may affect cells in a way that make them resistant to insulin. We know the hormone insulin is responsible in carrying sugar in our blood to the cells to be converted to energy.

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    So when these cells cannot take sugar from the blood, there will be a lot of sugar in the blood thereby leading to high blood sugar hence the diabetic condition.

  4. CANCER:

    Although, a clear path of how being overweight increases the risk of cancer has not been found.

    It could be that fat cells release hormones that causes cells to grow, causing cancer.

    A good fraction of overweight persons have cancer compared to people who are not overweight.


    This is a condition where one feels stiffness and pains in the joints. It could the joints in the knees, hips, hands and other joints in the body.

    Overweight is one of the major factors among many causing osteoarthritis. Inflammation in overweight people is common which still increases the chances of having osteoarthritis.

Overweight even becomes more dangerous in some people like pregnant women and elderly ones.


Being overweight during pregnancy can affect both woman and the foetus and also increases the chances of having insulin-resistant cells and high blood pressure.

They are different practices that one can indulge to help reduce body weight to what is normal. Read my previous article on What exactly are Your Weight reduction Pill Choices?


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