Research shows that majority of young men between the age of 26 and 33 are unlikely to go into marriage for various reasons.

As large as 75% of young men find it very difficult to commit to a particular woman because they are afraid of marriage with just only 25% of the men making this decision between these ages. 

So let’s see some of these reasons keeping our young men from committing or making them to be afraid of marriage.

Unemployment : 

Lack of employment or being underemployed is one of the major causes young men  refuse to go into marriage. Marriage comes with its own responsibilities and these young men know this too well, that is why they wait until they are buoyant enough to take care of these responsibilities. 

Research shows that majority of young men between the age of 26 and 33 are afraid of marriage.

The society we live in can be very funny at times, ladies want to be married but not just to any man but a man who is financially free or at least that can provide enough for her and sometimes for her family. It is very difficult to find a woman who is ready to accept a man who is not financially stable.

Lack of good-enough women:

A typical Nigerian man wants the ‘wife material’. This is a woman who tics the boxes of so many factors, factors like being a good cook, a capable washing machine, very good in bed and a woman capable of rendering support when times are not rosy.

But how easy is it to find a woman with these qualities? Not easy at all so these men join the waiting list waiting or searching for the ‘perfect’ one.

Restricted movement:

The fear of losing his freedom is enough for a Nigerian man to stay unmarried for years. 

They know that being married will not allow them to stay out late at  night, travel to anywhere whenever they want to and will stop them from doing so many other things.

Free and casual sex:

Most men prefer sex with no strings and the joy of laying with different ladies makes the thought of settling down unacceptable. They find this to be more fun than being with one woman where you have to provide everything for.



afraid of marriage
A typical Nigerian traditional marriage cake
Expensive wedding ceremonies:

In some parts of Nigeria, it is quite expensive to get a marriage ceremony done, it can take up to millions of naira. You look around, how many young Nigerians have up to a million naira talk less of having to spend in a ceremony. 

Starting from the introduction to the traditional marriage and the white wedding, there are a lot of protocols which money is needed to get passed them. This also has been a major reason why so many men are not married.


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