In a society, the most bonded institution should be the marriage’s. But, what happens when such institution threads the path of brokenness?… Sometimes, this society I find myself in has made me ask myself series of questions; like why should we get married in the first instance, how long should a marriage last, should separation ever happen in an already sealed marriage?… THE EFFECTS OF SEPARATION ON CHILDREN

Anyway, I wouldn’t expect you to blame me for harbouring such thoughts in my mind. The current yet prevailing occurrences of our present society burnt me into those thoughts. The rate of separation of marriages has really gone on the increase, so much that in almost every 6 hours a marriage gets broken.

This event is in turn posing a great danger to the product of such marriage, and eventually causing havoc in the society. A society with millions of broken homes is apparently also broken!

Children from broken homes are usually subjected to great psychological & emotional disorders, which takes long to heal, and in some cases, might not actually heal completely till they fade out of the face of the earth. These children carry pain everywhere they go. Frustration is usually painted on their face, whilst their memories keep haunting them.

These children tend to get aggressive as they grow & usually find it hard to trust and confide in people. They find it hard to love. They feel the whole universe is unsafe for them. Some become extreme introverts, who are usually risky to deal with, while some becomes extremely aggressive extroverts. These calibre of extroverts are very deadly & dangerous to the society at large. A larger part of them constitutes nuisances across the street, while some even move extremely to become hardened criminals. All thanks to the pain they’re harbouring, and the memories that keeps playing in their head.

Children from this kind of home also lack parental guidance & care. Especially if their parents got separated they were still at a very young age. This might cause an obstruction or delay to their education. Might expose them to dangers across the streets, and might leave them clueless about what happiness looks like.

It’s hard to decipher, but we can also say that children with broken homes tends to follow the steps of their parents too when they get to that stage of life. Maybe, maybe not…

Separation in marriage isn’t and would never be the best solution for quarreling couples. When you know you wouldn’t get to understand & tolerate yourselves, why then do you marry at the first instance. For me, after marriage, notwithstanding the trails I come across, my only cause of separation with my spouse would be Death.

Even if you don’t care about your wellbeing after your separation, please remember the trauma your children would go through.

Remember, no matter how you try to satisfy them even after the separation, it still doesn’t stop the clip of what happened between you both from playing in their head.

A word is enough for the wise.


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