Love stories are sometimes the best kind of stories when written, although sometimes the tune changes from this. This happens when the beat changes & the steps we give to the new beat has to change as well. What I’m I saying; there are moments our love life encounters obstacles, & our story begins to take the path of boredom & sourness.

There are definitely moments like this. They’re are bound to happen. However, how this moments are handled is what really matter in situations like this. How they are handled goes a long way in determining if the story would become fascinating once again, or might just come to an abrupt end. However, it all depends on how this moments are handled.

Moments like this when love stories becomes boring can be handled in various ways. This post would try as much as possible to highlight possible ways to rewrite love stories threading the path of boredom. However, there are actually some stories we just have to abandon & forget about. The reason for this cannot be far fetched. This kind of stories are far too broken, & amendment can thus be referred to as a waste of time. Both partners in the relationship aren’t willing to break the constraint between them, & are already willing to leave the relationship behind.


• Sit, think, know & understand the problem & the cause. Know where you both went wrong. Where the path divided – where you both lost it. Until you know the problem, you can’t tackle it – I know you know that.

• Both partners should be remorse, with each willing to accept the blame for the present chaos occurring. That is, no one should play the blame game.

• This moment should be the best time for you both to be together. In periods like this, both partners are expected to be quite close. Even if it’s a distant relationship, communication during this period should be hyper strong. Don’t give chances. A little disrupt in communication might ruin the love stories all together.

Go out together, club out together, attend dinners, go see a movie together, attend functions together… This fosters the love back. It really does.

• Leave no chance for doubt. If you’re keen & already decided to rewrite your love stories with your lover, then it is advisable to allow no chances for double thoughts.

It really ruins the morale. Makes you want to give up on your mission.

• Probably see a relationship counselor. This adds touches of professionalism to you both’s mission.

Offers advice, and the likes. However, this isn’t really compulsory nor necessary, although you can do it if you can foot the cost of such counselor.


I have a conviction you can both do this! You can get back on track once again. Definitely you can.

Follow this tips by heart & religiously, and you’ll see the magic within a very short period of time.

Love stories are usually interesting to hear, but they aren’t usually complete without tales of ups and down in them. Thus, do not be frustrated about the present situation in your relationship. It is a phase, it will definitely pass – if you want it to. Yes it will.


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