The eye is one of the most important yet vulnerable part of our body.

So many people have the fear of losing their eyes so they tend to find different ways to take care of the eyes.

One survey where people were asked which part of their body they feared losing the most. More than 50% said their eyes.

This is probably because when you lose your eyes, you will be left in darkness. That state of darkness is one of the worst things anyone can ever face.

Having conjunctivitis alone can cause a huge depression for people talk less of losing your sight. Even a little scratch in the eye can be frustrating so it’s more appropriate to always take good care of your eyes.

Written in this post are the seven simple ways to take care of the eyes:

1. Avoid direct light:

When too much light is directly entering the eyes, it can damage the eyelens and cause serious problem. It is not the first time you will be told not to sit directly in front of the TV or point a torch into your eyes. When light enters the eyes, the pupils expand to accommodate the light. If the light gets too much, this may lead to serious eye defects.

2. Avoid sharp objects:

Always keep sharp objects or any object far away from the eye. This may cause serious injuries and damages. Sharp objects like needle, pin, pencil, even papers should not be placed close to the eyes for safety purposes. Always remember to wear eye goggles when you should.

3. Visit the optician:

Opticians are the doctors of the eyes. They run diagnosis on any defect of the eye, they treat it and give you advice on treatment and correcting the defect. It is expected that we visit the optician at least twice a year or more often if we have an eye problem that needs us to.


4. Eat onions and carrots:

These are very good foods for the Human eye. They contain vitamins which are very useful for sight. It is very important to add onions or carrot in your daily meal so you will have a good eyesight.


Vitamin A is also essential for good eyesight, so we should include diets that give the body this vitamin in our meals.

5. Avoid wearing someone else’s lens:

Make sure you do not put on another person’s eyeglass or contact lens, especially when they are not recommended. Doing so can cause serious defects to your eye.

6. Clean and wash your eyes every morning:

When you wake up, there are some particles that you find on the eyelids. It is very important that they are cleared immediately and washed off with clean water everyday. They can enter the eye and cause itching which may lead to conjunctivitis.

7. Use eye drops when necessary:

Sometimes, when small particle find its way into your eye, rubbing the eye is not the solution as that will press the eye and can make red causing pains. Instead, use clean water to rinse it off and avoid using soap when rinsing the eyes.

The importance of the eye cannot be over-emphasized. We all need them to do even the most basic things in life, we need it to be functional. So, when dealing with eyes one has to be very careful.


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